• Goal Setting

    Goal Setting Guideline Package - to be submitted by each rower at the beginning of the season.

  • Circuit and Weight Training

    Circuit Training Portfolio - These circuit training exercises require only basic, inexpensive equipment - a set of relatively light dumbbells, skipping rope and an exercise mat for example.


    Everything You Know About Fitness is a Lie


    Weight Training


    Dynamic Flexibility - PDF

  • Training Video

    2k erg test - Zeno Mueller demo


    Optimal time to pull the arms through at the finish of the stroke.


    RowingTalks -

    Helping high school rowing coaches reach new heights. "Everything from this year's RowingTalks are up and waiting for you to view, use, and marvel over. Just click right here for instant access."

  • Training Documents

  • Training Equipment



    The goal behind USA Home Gym is to provide you with information that goes beyond what you can find in any user manual, customer review, or other online review site.


    We go to great lengths to ensure that our reviews are completely comprehensive, usually covering everything from the design features to the warranty coverage and exercise options.


    This is all to help guide you towards the equipment that’s best suited to your goals and budget, whilst also being the highest quality option at your chosen price range.


    We also provide a range of comparison tables for each category of fitness equipment, so that you can compare the features and price range before you start taking a closer look at your chosen products in the detailed review.