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Why Crew?

  • Berkley High School

    Crew is a sport and an experience a rower will never forget. Crew is a demanding, highly collaborative physical activity. Unlike other team sports, there are no “stars” on a crew team; a boat either wins

    or loses, and everyone is equally responsible for the outcome of the race. Glory-hogs and show-offs gravitate to other sports.


    Crew is a genuine team effort, from beginning to end. Curiously, a large number of crew recruits (women in particular) have never participated in organized sports, only to find that they love the challenge of rowing. Many students have discovered the athlete within behind an oar. And many crew team members become rowers for life.


    Colleges and universities are interested in recruiting rowers for their crew teams (this is especially true for women), so involvement in the team can chart a course to college.

  • Skyline High School





    Crew creates great individuals:



    I should now expand on this. I would not be in the place I am today, without having undertaken crew, I can safely say this is a statement I have heard from the vast majority of ex HS crew athletes. This can be true of any extra-curricular activity that you follow through with, but for crew, a sport that demands a large commitment, will truly make you appreciate your ability to time manage, respect those around you and your capacity to work hard on and off the water.


    This may all be a little clichéd, but is absolutely true, crew has a wonderful effect on all those who accept its challenge and they are always better off for having done so. From teammates who evolve into friends who evolve into lifelong friends, having the capacity to understand what it means to commit to something. I have always advocated there is more than crew. The skills, lessons and experiences you gain from crew will prepare you to take the next step into adulthood. But this is only the case if you truly commit to the experience that is crew.


    Crew will also give you and your athletes the opportunity to travel to regional, national and international competitions, showing that as a sporting community the benefits are universal, rarely do you see such a high level of sportsmanship as a consistent part of a sport’s ethos.


    Changes I hope that you see in your child as a result or committing to crew:


     ■ Increased confidence on and off the water

     ■ Physical fitness and therefore wellness in health

     ■ A superb understanding of sportsmanship and what it really means to be a student-athlete

     ■ Greatly increased capacity to time mange and push oneself physically and mentally

     ■ maturity and greater sense of responsibility

     ■ Increased comfort in social interactions, we are a co-ed sport.


  • Fox Chapel School

    Fox Chapel Crew Pittsburgh, PA


     Why do I row?

     I row for the feeling of 8 moving as one single, powerful entity.

     I row for the other 7 girls in my boat, who I know without a doubt want to succeed and do everything in their power to achieve our collective goal.

     I row for myself, proving that I can go longer and more powerfully than the day before.


    I row for the devotion that I have to every member of this team. As a cox I saw, and now as a rower I am experiencing the pain and anguish that all of you endured. I row for the closest friends I've ever had and probably ever will. I row for the coach of a lifetime. I row because rowing is a part of me.


    I row because you not only get to know the coolest people, but it the actual rowing is indescribable.  I love the sport!


    I started rowing because I knew it would keep me in shape, and because I just needed something to do after school. But I think everyone quickly learns that the real reason why they continue to row is because of the bonds you make with your teammates, and the pride you feel for being part of such an amazing team.


    What other sport lets you go out on the water every day?  It is also great to be a part of such an awesome team Although I cox and am not a rower, I do crew because it is such an amazing, fun, and unique activity.  .


    I row for that feeling of crossing the finish line and knowing that all nine people sitting in that boat have done everything they could over the past months, and for some years, to move with grace, power, and speed down a course. And when you cross the line, win or lose, you are satisfied for you all have done your best and competed with people who are now your brothers, who you have forged a bond with that is not easily broken.


    Rowing has become more than a sport for me, almost a society.  I guess that’s why we are called a cult.  Last year I was intimidated by that, but now I see why it truly is amazing how much like a platoon of soldiers or just a bunch of brothers we are.  None of us could have gone as far as we have gone in our rowing careers if it wasn’t for the constant camaraderie and support we get from each other. That is why I row.


    I really can't think of anything I would rather be doing than spending time in a boat with my teammates. Besides loving the actual sport of rowing, there is nothing like the camaraderie of the Fox Chapel team. Since you are literally in the same boat as eight other girls, you form a bond of trust and respect that will never be broken.

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